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SEO Case Studies: Journey Of 0 To 2000 Organic Traffic

SEO Case Study

Hey, hello there. Hope you are doing great. Do you have a website?

It seems like you want to get a better ranking position on Google. A few months ago, Md. Shohel Nur, CEO of FixGuider came to us with the same vision.

His site was new and fresh. You will wonder after knowing that the website’s traffic increases by 1140% just in three months. Can you believe it? Yes, you can also achieve this.

Are you feeling excited to know more about the project?

Well, I want to share the SEO case study of FixGuider with you. I think it will be essential for you.

From starting to the ultimate result, I am going to share everything with you.

So, read this case study from first to last and you can also apply the same formula on your website. 

Without making any delay lets jump into the discussion.

April-the 1St Month of our Project


At the starting, we targeted for driving traffic to the website in 3-4 months. We wanted to target 150+ countries. 


We made a commitment with our respected client Md Shohel Nur that visitors will start coming within 3 months and it will be increasing significantly after 6 months.


Let’s have a look at the picture.


SEO Service Proven Work Report


Just in one month, that’s the Ahrefs data of FixGuider in April.

There was no traffic, no organic keywords, nothing to tell about when we get started.

Our basic planning for April was to do keyword research, SEO planning, and producing quality content for the site.

The exciting part is in this month 151 keywords get Catch by Google.


Fixguider April Search Console Reports


We were quite satisfied with the result in the first month. The result also increases the expectation of the client. Hopefully, CMBD never hesitates to fulfill the expectation of our clients. 

You can also notice that number of backlinks is increasing. As it takes some time to get indexed, the number will be increasing day by day.

We were mainly focusing on On-page SEO at that time.

Thinking about the countries that we targeted?


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


Google Search Console Country Report:



The website got impressions from 79 countries including the USA, UK, and IND. It was an international project.

Want to earn money from Google AdSense? Targeting multiple countries will be a great option for you.

So, achievement in the first month:

  • 151 keywords added in 1 to 5 (according to Google Search Console)
  • Got impression from 79 countries
  • 107 Organic Keywords (According to Ahref)
  • Visitors Started coming

We keep our commitments on driving traffic within 3 months. Let’s see what happened in the next month.


May- The 2nd Month


This month, we focused on content optimization and quality foundation link.

Therefore, we tried to make the content SEO-friendly. Also, we made the content more engaging.

But what about the backlinks? Despite focusing on the quantity, we focused on quality link building. Backlinks started to increase.

Let’s make a dive in the Ahref Report of May.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


You can see in the above picture the number of backlinks has reached 40. It was 7 in the previous month. At the same time, organic keywords have also increased. More than 300 organic keywords were added according to Ahref.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


Moreover, the position of keywords is also improving.

Want to inspect the Google Search Console Data of May? Well, permit me to present.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


See the improvement in the impression. It has increased to 2.9K.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


I guess you would like to know about organic keywords in May.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


460 Keywords added in May. So, things are going in a great way.  But do you know from how many countries the impression came? Can you guess?

Allow me to show you.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


In May, FixGuider got impressions from 132 countries. It’s a great start for an AdSense project.

So, achievement from may:

  • 460 keywords added (According to Google Search Console)
  • Got Impression from 132 Countries
  • 304 organic Keywords (According to the Ahref)
  • Visitors are increasing

Our initial commitment was for increasing visitors after 6 months. You are just in the 2nd month of our project.

Till now, we are going on the right track.

Eager to know what happened in the next month? Let’s jump on it.


June-the 3rd month


In 3rd month, our planning was to add more Content, Foundation link, and analyzing competitor backlink.

So, we were mainly focused on off-page SEO.

What about the result?

Let’s see it.

Firstly, I would like to tell you about backlinks. I’ve already said that it takes time for backlink indexing. In June, there was a massive increase in backlinks. Have a look at the below picture.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports



The backlink number has reached to 1.68k. Referring domain, Organic Traffic, Organic keywords everything is increasing positively.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


According to the Ahref, organic keywords were 500 in June.

Not only that but also according to Google Search Console 802 keywords were added in June. 


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


That’s the power of Quality keyword research, SEO planning, Quality Content and perfect execution of everything.

Thankfully, our SEO Team members have done everything with perfection.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


Also, FixGuider got impressions from 156 countries. Can you imagine that you are just in the 3rd month? That sounds great.

What did google analytics say in June?


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


Users and event count both are increasing.

Achievement in June:

  • 500 Organic Keywords (According to Ahref)
  • 802 Keywords added (According to Google Search Console)
  • Got impression from 156 countries
  • Increasing Traffic

Till now, we have kept our words. We said that visitors will be increasing more and more after 6 months. Already, visitors are increasing within 3 months.
Permit me to tell you what happened in July. I am sure that you will be surprised.


July-the 4th month

So, this is the 4th month of our project. We started at 0. But now, FixGuider has something to tell about.

We mainly focused on Content, Niche Related links and powerful backlinks. What about the result?

Let me start with backlinks.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


In the previous month, it was about 1.6k but this month it has reached to almost 2k. Isn’t it great? I think so.

You can also notice positive signs in Organic Keywords, Organic Traffic and traffic value.

Have a look at this picture.  


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


Most of the traffics are coming from the USA. Also, keywords with good search volume are getting better ranking positions. FixGuider has beat some powerful site too.

Now, I am going to give you a big surprise. Let’s have a look at this picture.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


In the previous month, total Clicks were 154. But in this month, it has increased to 1.08K!!

That’s a massive improvement. The impression has also reached to 20K.

Thinking about the keyword? In the previous month, the total added keywords were 802. In July, it crossed the 1000 benchmark.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


At this point, I want to show you the targeted countries.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


We are getting impressions from 182 countries.

Achievement from July:

  • 1000 Keywords added (According to Google Search Console)
  • 800 Organic Traffic (According to Ahref)
  • Massive increases in Total Clicks
  • Got Impressions from 182 countries

Therefore, we are keeping our commitment. Till now, everything is going beyond the expectation.

In-Sha-Allah, from next month there will be more improvement in Traffic, Organic Keywords, and clicks.

Feeling excited about further results? Stay connected with us.


August- the 5th month


Now, we are in the 5th month of our project. Our commitment of 6 months has already been completed. FixGuider has started getting more and more traffic just in 5 months.

Our main focus on this month was Off-page SEO like niche-relevant link building, Competitor Backlink, getting powerful link etc.

Like the previous months, we get a massive improvement in August too. Let’s start with the Ahref data.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


What an improvement in Referring domain, Organic keywords and traffic!

Organic traffic this month is more than 3x than the previous month.

Referring domain has changed from 144 to 185.

Also, there is an excellent result for organic keywords in August.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


Where Previous Month Organic Keywords was 800 and now It’s 1500. Also, the maximum traffic is coming from the USA.

Traffic value has reached to $221. It is 4 times more than July.

Interested to know the Google Search Console Data? Permit me to present it.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


Have a look at the above data? Isn’t it beyond the imagination? We have got 3x more clicks compared to July.


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


We have got 1000 stable keywords in August. Want to see from which countries we got impressions?


SEO Case Study Proven Reports


We are getting impressions from 197 countries. In-Sha-Allah, we will achieve 200 countries soon.

So, 5 months have gone and you can see the result. It’s really excellent.

Achievement from August:

  • 3k Organic Traffic (According to Ahref)
  • 1500 Organic Keywords (According to Ahref)
  • Massive increases in Total Clicks
  • Got Impressions from 197 countries
  • Fulfill all of our targets


That’s all about our case study of FixGuider. I think it will be beneficial for the planning of your website.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can contact us anytime.


Feedback from our Client:


Md Shohel Nur: A few months ago, I contracted with CMBD for SEO Service. My site was totally new.  They told me my site will start getting traffic within three months and it will increase more, and more after 6 months. After 6 months of their service, the result is excellent. Organic keywords have reached to almost 1k and also getting impressions from 180+ countries. It is beyond my expectation. I’m more than satisfied with their service.

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